“Tim is a unique combination: wisdom, credibility, presentation; compassion; ability without ego. People seek him out for a reason.” 

— Peter McCampbell, President, Human Capital Metrics

Why do successful people need an executive coach?


1.  The better you are at something, the harder it is to improve.

That’s why high performers in a variety of fields continue to use a coach or teacher                                             (athletes, musicians, actors, and executives). An objective advocate can identify areas of                                     potential improvement and provide tools and processes to address them.

2.  The difference between performers at the top of any profession is very slim.

In professional golf, for example, the difference between the world’s #1 golfer and the #100                                   golfer over the course of a year is an average of just two strokes per round. In the business                                    world, no company has executives that are that much smarter than their competitors’. What explains the dramatic difference in results?

3.  The difference between the best in a profession and others will be found in their behaviors and leadership ability.

World-class executives don’t have knowledge, education, or training significantly different from their competitors’. The difference will be found in their behaviors, such as leading, culture-development, communicating, motivating, delegating, problem-solving, and others.

4.  An objective executive coach is the best help for making real and lasting changes.

Almost everyone needs the help of an objective coach or teacher to discover not only where potential improvement can occur, but how to make those adjustments, and how to ensure that they are hard-wired to last. And, because few people have received systematic training in leading or managing, Tim routinely finds there are gaps where instruction is needed. It’s a great learning experience!

5.  An effective executive coach can become your trusted, unbiased business partner.

This is why many of Tim's clients continue to meet with him for months or even years after the close of their formal processes. They find his influence stimulating, energizing, and limitation-breaking. Clients know he is committed to them, to their goals, and to their ultimate success.

The Process


The defined coaching process Tim uses is designed to accomplish these very things. While there                                   is much flexibility depending on the needs of the client or company, coaching engagements are                       generally six months in length. The initial phase consists of 12 weekly coaching sessions, with

scheduled follow-ups once or twice monthly (these sessions are face-to-face for local clients, with                                   optional methods available for coaching long-distance).

All clients begin with a phase called “Self-Discovery,” where they gain deeper self-awareness — their personality profile, key strengths and weaknesses, prime motivator, values, and contributing talents, and how these things interact resulting in their behavior and its effects on others. Working from this platform of sharper awareness, the process morphs to meet individual needs and desires. Tim has a vast toolbox of processes, ways, and means to help clients accomplish their goals — because in coaching, it’s all about you, the client.

This is an overview of the Sherpa Executive Coaching process that Tim uses. The Sherpa

Coaching method is unique for several reasons. It is a defined process learned through rigorous

training, not a self-proclaimed “coach” flying by the seat of his pants. Second, Sherpa Coaches are

certified through business schools of major universities throughout the nation. Tim received his

training at the Tandy School for Executive Leadership at TCU in Ft. Worth, TX in 2007-08. He has

coached hundreds of individual clients since that time. In 2014, he was honored by being named

a Master Sherpa Coach, only the 7th person in the world to receive that distinction.

To tell you more about how Tim can help you accomplish your professional goals and ambitions

through executive coaching, for you and/or your key people, please contact him directly.

Visit the Client Comments section of the About page to hear others describe the benefits they received from coaching with Tim. Thanks for your interest!