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Comments from Clients about Tim and BETTER

“Leadership isn’t difference-maker. It is the difference-maker. In short, leadership is influence based on trust you have earned. Through his fundamental leadership coaching, Tim has earned the trust of countless individuals. Tim’s leadership insights are practical and full of wisdom.”

─ Daryl R. Flood, President & CEO

Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics, Agent for Mayflower Transit


Tim Stevenson has written a much-needed book for leaders who want to get BETTER. I have known Tim for a fifteen years. He has been a leader for as long as I can remember, and it shows. As a coach, he is process-focused, authentic, and dedicated to his clients. As an author, he is both clear and compassionate. He brings you this book from knowledge, experience, and practice. Highly recommended.”

─ Brenda Corbett, Author & Co-founder

Sherpa Executive Coaching

“Tim’s insights into leadership and his engaging coaching style allowed me to discover my true leadership potential. Through his coaching, I was able to enhance my strengths and find opportunities to grow as a leader in my organization.”

─ Stephanie Copeland, M.D., Enterprise Medical Director of Quality

USMD Health System



“I am very impressed with BETTER. It targets all the aspects of being a leader and how to maintain the position. Having spent a long career in the corporate world, I was amazed to find how comprehensive Tim’s presentation is, addressing a number of subjects that are often not even on executives’ radar screens. BETTER presents clear insights on subjects important for any leader, from the front-line manager to the CEO, and explains how to apply the principles to everyday work and life.”

─ R. J. Richards, National Director of Engineering (retired)



“Having worked with Tim twice in the past 8 years, I continue to be amazed at how applicable his coaching has been throughout. The basic principles he introduces have been instrumental in my ability to navigate through many difficult situations, and his insight into human behavior has helped me understand what motivates others and drives my own behaviors. Tim’s ability to apply these principles in actual examples easily synthesizes the message for anyone, regardless of their position or years of experience as a manager or leader. His clear, concise, yet thoughtful style facilitates both individual coaching and large groups. In short, Tim drills down to the root of who and what you are, then gives you applicable tools to use as you lead others to where they need to go.”

─ Katherine Johnston, Chief Administrative Officer

Southwest Pulmonary Associates



“Tim Stevenson is a prolific and intelligent writer, and this book proves it. In BETTER, Tim combines his many years of experience as a leader and developer of leaders with perspective gained through fifteen years as a university-certified Sherpa Coach. He is an expert on the topic of leadership, across industries and organizational charts. BETTER is a ‘must-read’ for leaders and for the coaches who make them better.”

─ Karl Corbett, Managing Partner, Sherpa Coaching

Publisher, The Executive Coaching Survey



“I am fortunate to have had the privilege to know and learn from Tim Stevenson. As an executive leadership coach, Tim challenges his clients to reflect on, refine, and develop their leadership skills. BETTER: The Fundamentals of Leadership is sure to take you on a journey of leadership self-discovery and growth. I also appreciate Tim’s Leading Insights articles which offer practical, relevant solutions to today’s leadership challenges written in a style that is brief, engaging, and informative.”

─ Laura Carr, Chief Operating Officer

Medical Practice Management Company



“After years of studying science and pursuing personal development, Tim Stevenson threw open the doors to new learning and challenges in the arena of professional leadership for me. His methods, presentation, and personal style make for a rich and exciting adventure down a clearly laid-out path, leading to accelerated professional and personal growth. Time spent reading BETTER will prove to be a wise investment in your leadership skill set and future success.”

─ Megan Conoley, M.D., Medical Director for Clinician Experience

USMD Health System



“Over the years I have read dozens of leadership books and taken part in several leadership development programs. While I make it a point to always take something away from these investments, Tim’s coaching went past the typical teaching of ‘principles’ and gave me insight into some of my behaviors. This better understanding helped me become a stronger leader. Tim’s coaching is practical and full of application. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to become a better leader.”

─ J. Kelly O’Connor, Chief Commercial Officer, Moving and Storage

The Suddath Companies


“Tim Stevenson has always displayed a calm, positive, and influential Leadership style with great proficiency in the Eight Key Management Competencies. He is known to be a ‘People Developer’ and does so in a caring and grounded manner. It is interesting … when Tim speaks, people listen, and it is not because he is the most outspoken person in the room. It is his wisdom that speaks volumes.”

─ Peter McCampbell, President

Human Capital Metrics



“Tim Stevenson has the ability to turn a problem into an opportunity and, further, to communicate to others how to do the same. It’s a rare gift, and I have been the personal beneficiary of his wisdom, insight, and generosity of spirit. I’m so grateful!”

─ Steven Smith, Senior Pastor

Immanuel Baptist Church, Little Rock



“Tim has a rare gift of helping a person realize what their true gifts are and how to utilize them to achieve their goals. Tim and I have had a business relationship and personal friendship for over thirty-five years, and I consider him one of the wisest men I have known. He will help anyone reach their highest potential as a business person and a human being.”

─ Will Cureton, Partner

Ascension Development


“Tim has the unique ability to break down complex ideas and problems, and provide solid, easy-to-understand solutions ─ so easy to understand that you will think, ‘Why didn’t I see this before?’ I’ve known Tim for more than thirty-five years, and I’ve benefitted greatly from him as a mentor and friend. He is a gifted communicator, teacher, and coach. If you want real help, let Tim come alongside you and help you see the clear path ahead.”

─ Bob Christopher

Author, Simple Gospel, Simply Grace



“‘My favorite thing is to help people.’ This is what Tim said in 2013 when he announced he was leaving the company in which we both worked to pursue his vision independently. He changed my life, and not only helped me become a leader, but also a better person. How many times has someone lifted you from doubt and negativity and taught you to believe in yourself, given you confidence and faith in your own future? To coach and to have such a profound impact on individuals, you need more than knowledge; you need heart.”

─ Joanna Diehl, Manager (a major airline)



“Working with Tim over the last several years, learning and applying the fundamentals and disciplines found in the pages of this book, I’ve seen it work. Nothing can cripple an organization quite like a leadership void. Nothing can strengthen and accelerate a team’s potential quite like quality, effective leadership. Study the principles in BETTER and you will find a common language and methodology for identifying and developing the leader within you and your organization.”

─ Steve Weatherford, Director of Finance and Administration

Advocates for Community Transformation

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