"Leadership is an epic and unpredictable journey requiring the ability to adapt to changing circumstances." ~ Tim Stevenson




Why do successful leaders and business people need a coach? The better you are at something, the harder it is to improve. Positive growth might be in your leadership or managing ability, in your personal effectiveness, in your interpersonal behavior, or in the effectiveness of your entire team or organization. In short, Tim can help you raise your game and be more successful whatever your profession.



Tim is an authentic and insightful speaker that helps people  understand themselves and address their behavior. Tim draws on his       30+ years of experience to provide clear insights on subjects important for any leader from the CEO to the front-line manager. His clear, concise,   yet thoughtful style has the unique ability to break down complex ideas and problems, and provide solid, easy-to-understand solutions.


As the author of 11 books and more than 200 articles, Tim is a prolific writer with knowledge, experience, and heart. He has a rare gift for helping people realize their true strengths and how to use them. Tim’s writings go beyond typical ‘principles’ and provide a rich and exciting adventure down a clearly  laid-out path, leading to accelerated professional and personal growth.


Every significant group accomplishment -- and failure -- in the history of the world can be traced back to leadership. Leaders make things happen. Ideally, leaders make things BETTER. Organizations constantly search for quality leaders, but finding and developing them remains a perpetual challenge. Helpful insights and practical applications for leaders are widely available, but where can you find a comprehensive presentation of the basics of leadership itself, showing from the beginning what it takes to lead effectively?


In BETTER: The Fundamentals of Leadership, Tim Stevenson systematically presents the ABCs of leadership, those things that must be known and applied by everyone, from the beginner to the advanced leader. Whether you lead an entire organization or a small team, you will learn what you must know and do if you want others to follow you. Tim draws from his extensive coaching and training experience to present clear principles illustrated by vivid real-life people stories and memorable illustrations. His writing style is conversational and easy-going, making this book a stimulating and inspiring read. BETTER: The Fundamentals of Leadership challenges many of the common assumptions of organizations today.

Tim has created a Leadership Self-Assessment and Assessments you can give to others to get feedback about yourselfDownload them free here.


Executive Coach. Speaker. Author.


Tim Stevenson has devoted more than 35 years to developing leaders and organizations. His primary goal is to help people achieve their full potential. As an executive coach, he is wise, process-focused, and dedicated to his clients' success. As a speaker, he is engaging, authentic, and insightful. As a writer, he is clear, practical, and enlightening. For years, people have said that his teaching and writing are easy to digest but profound.

Whether coaching executives, speaking at national corporate meetings, or writing, Tim applies his knowledge and experience to the principles he presents, helping people navigate through real-life challenges. His insights into human behavior help them understand what drives their own behaviors and motivates others. His clear, concise, yet thoughtful style facilitates both individual coaching and large groups. In short, Tim drills down to the root of who and what you are, then gives you applicable tools for greater personal effectiveness and to lead others.



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